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With its feet on the streets and heart in the mountain, EMTY Apparel is a wintersports inspired brand with an urban aesthetic. 


When you buy a piece of EMTY Apparel, you are supporting a love for creativity and a love for the outdoors. When you wear your EMTY gear, you are embracing a culture of being weird, being bold, and doing what makes you happy.

All designs are straight out of the sketchbooks of skier and artist, Lydia Jennings, who runs the brand as a solo project alongside chasing winters. Find more about her story below.

While the sky is the limit, the mountain certainly isn't. EMTY is driven by elements of streetstyle as well as slopestyle, meaning EMTY Apparel is for everyone to enjoy, ski-bum or not. Whether you’re sitting on a chairlift, a park bench, or the couch in your living room, Emty Apparel is designed to compliment whatever setting you find yourself in.


Currently operating from Wanaka, NZ.

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After finishing Uni in 2014 I worked my first winter season in Hokkaido, Japan. I'd intended it to be a sort of 'gap year' to celebrate finishing my studies before moving into a career. Trouble was, I had way too much fun, and before I knew it, my one winter away turned into seven. After Japan I spent the next few years following the snow across New Zealand, USA and Canada. Everywhere I went, despite struggling to meet airport luggage restrictions, I would always make space for my sketchbooks and my pack of pens. I've loved drawing since I was a kid, and its a great way to kill time when I'm not skiing.

EMTY began as the bi-product of what I refer to as ‘shoulder season syndrome’, a confusing state of existence for anyone who works back to back winters, where both work and play are limited by the lack of snow. It's not southern hemisphere winter, and it's not northern hemisphere winter. The friends you’ve met the previous season are now back in their different parts of the world, and the friends in your hometown are all at work. You’re not gonna be back home quite long enough to justify starting a new job, but you are gonna be around long enough to run out of money. And sanity.

With a lot of time to myself in the months between winters, I decided It would be cool to give my drawings a life outside of their sketchbooks. I’ve always wanted to give my artwork a purpose, and by printing my drawings onto clothing I have been able to share them with my friends, and their friends, creating a community of people spread all over the place who share similar interests. Each design begins as a hand drawn doodle, inspired by the thrill of getting outside and embracing your inner freak. I love seeing where people take EMTY as they gear up for their adventures all over the world.

- Lydia Jennings



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